ENC1101-DreamHouse - finishes quickly Jessie’s father...

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Alonso 1 Enc 1101 Professor O’Brien Dream House questions July 13, 2009 “Dream House” 1. Some things that are being contrasted are the two families, the two dads, and the playhouse. The bases of contrast for these items are the family dynamic, the productivity of the dads, and the physical appeal of the playhouses. 2. For Josh and Jessie the playhouse symbolizes friendship and companionship. The playhouse was important for them because that is where they spent their time together. The playhouses represented each of the two boys’ families. Jessie’s playhouse was made of nothing but the boys still had an awesome time. Josh had an amazing playhouse but there was nothing special about it. 3. Mr. Petterson differs from Jessie’s father in that he is more dedicated to the goals he sets, and
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Unformatted text preview: finishes quickly. Jessie’s father appeals to me more because he reminds me of my own fathers, also because nobody wants a father who does not want to be with his own son. 5. The author only includes events that have meaning to the story and includes important information that the reader must know to either understand the story better or to make ir more interesting. The author did not leave the reader with questions. 9. There was no other word to express his emotions at the moment. Nothing else could come out of his mouth except for: “awesome.” Words such as overrated, lame, and corny fall into the same category as awesome, we can redeem these words by explaining how there was no other word that would be able to describe that moment, much like Jessie did. Alonso 2...
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ENC1101-DreamHouse - finishes quickly Jessie’s father...

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