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ENC1101-Grant&lee - always ready to make the right...

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Alonso 1 Enc 1101 Professor O’Brien Definition-Example Essay July 9, 2009 Grant and Lee 1. Grant was the exact opposite of Lee. Grant appeals tome more only because the story says he has a sharp eye for the future and I like progress and looking in to the future. Whereas Lee is very old in his traditions. 2. Lee was a man of religious beliefs and old traditions such as chivalry. Grant was the new age man, ready to expand his fortune by any means necessary and looking beyond tomorrow. Now a days we most definitely need a grant type of man to lead us. He is more liberal and does not seem to be narrow minded and
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Unformatted text preview: always ready to make the right discussions that will lead us to the future. 3. The author points out something they have in common and then he starts by comparing their upbringings and leads all the way up to their beliefs. 4. The essay did say they both shared traits such as them being strong and how each of them had almost the same fighting techniques. They also had the ability to turn from war to peace once the fighting was over, in common....
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