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ENC 1101 Blankenship

ENC 1101 Blankenship - Dr R Blankenship ENC 1101 CNR.13503...

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Dr R. Blankenship ENC 1101 CNR.13503 8 December, 2008 Use of Animals for Research Everyone has fallen in love with an animal in one way or another. Weather it was their own or a friends. It doesn’t matter if they were animal people or not, these pets just kind of grow on you. Imagine that same pet that you have fallen in love with was taken to a lab only to best researched on. Some of these researches are helpful but the majority of these tests are just to satisfy the human need to torture animals. This paper is to inform the reader of the reality of animal cruelty in the name of science. Research the governmental reasons why animal research is allowed, what kind or research in use for cosmetics and last but not lest the breeding of different type of animals breeding that is researched so that every little boy and girl can have a pet of their own. To begin with, as most people know nothing is done legally without the governments consent. Therefore one may wonder why is the government doesn’t the government do anything about the animal cruelty. The fact is the government is part of the problem because they indeed give this researcher permission to abuse these animals. For example the government funds al-Qaeda terrorists pumped toxic gases into the chamber which contains dying dogs inside. The horrific
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