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ACCOUNTING 203   ON-LINE  HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #2  CHAPTER SIXTEEN     20 PTS.  DUE DATE:        Wednesday, April 22 (by midnight)       Specific Course Outcomes Assessed: (See Course Syllabus)      To understand the need for and to calculate product unit cost To understand specific types of cost behavior Learning Objectives Assessed: (See pg. 804)      Describe the flow of costs through a manufacturer’s inventory accounts Using the “traditional” method of allocating manufacturing overhead costs, calculate product  unit cost    REQUIRED:      1.       COMPLETE “Snake N. Grass” problem (see below)                             (20 pts.)                                         In an attempt to conceal a theft of funds Snake N. Grass, controller of Bucolic Products, Inc., placed a bomb in the company’s record vault. The ensuing explosion left only fragments of the company’s factory ledger, as shown below. Raw Materials
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Chaptersixteenhomeworksnake(a)-1 - ACCOUNTING 203 ONLINE...

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