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Cost of materials used: 15000 – Beginning inventory 26,000 – Direct materials purchased 18,000 – Less materials inventory ,ending $23,000 a) Total Manufacturing Costs Cost of materials used: $23,000 Direct Labor Costs $20,000 Overhead Costs: Factory Insurance – 4,000 Total Overhead Costs: 4,000 Total Manufacturing Costs: $47,000 b) Cost of Goods Manufactured Total Manufacturing Costs
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Unformatted text preview: $47,000 Add work in process inventory, beginning 25,000 Total cost of work in process during the year $72,000 Less work in process inventory, ending 28,000 Cost of Goods Manufactured $44,000 c) Cost of Goods Sold $44,000 + $4.000 = $48,000 d) Net Income Sales Cost of Goods Sold = 99,000 48,000 = $51,000...
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