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1. The teaching method that the teacher uses is effective to a particular group of students. We don’t get the overall attitude from the rest of the class’s perspective on the sadistic teaching method. We know that it motivates David Sedaris to the point that he, “Refuse to stand convicted on the teacher’s charges of laziness, I’d spend four hours a night on my homework, working even longer whenever we were assigned as essay.” (Page 27) It’s effective to the point that there is always room to improve because no matter how much time you study, you can even study more. One reason why I think it worked for Sedaris is that he was older in age, I wonder what he might have thought at a much younger age. A person can only take a limit of the emotional pain that is taken from this teaching method, to the point that it is sadistic in nature. It would work in different cultures. For instance, in America this method wouldn’t work because it doesn’t follow the normal teaching structure in the states. In international countries, this practice is
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