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controlfileredolog - Redo Logs and Control Files Control...

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Redo Logs and Control Files Control Files: Database Name, names/locations of data file and online redo files, T.S. names, timestamp of D.B. creation, current log sequence number, checkpoint information, log history. SELECT name from v$controlfile; SELECT type, records_total FROM V$CONTROLFILE_RECORD_SECTION WHERE type=’DATAFILE’; Multiplexing Control Files: using CONTROL_FILES initialization parameter. Online Redo Groups: Minimizes lost of data by creating by using redo log files while during recovery. Recover committed data that is not written to data files. Each online redo log file is an online redo log group is called an online redo log member. Redo Log Members: Identical Log sequence member: assigned by the oracle server Same size for each online redo log member Parameters: MAXLOGFILES- maximum number of online redo log groups. MAXLOGMEMBERS- maximum number of online redo log members for every group. LOG_FILES- decreases max. number of groups of online redo log files for the current instane. The value of LOG_FILES is normally set to a value less than or equal to the total
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