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Database Architecture Components

Database Architecture Components - Database Architecture...

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Database Architecture Components User Processes: Starts when a tool is started Terminates when the user logs out Includes the UPI UPI generates calls to the Oracle server Server Processes: Runs on the same machine as the Oracle server Created when a user requests a connection Terminated when a user disconnects Uses the PGA Includes the OPI Returns status information and results Shared pool stores the most recently used data dictionary information DBWn- writes changed data from the database buffer cache to the data files LGWR- records changes that are registered in redo log bugger to redo log file SMON- instance recovery during instance startup PMON- process recovery when a user process fails, cleaning up cache CKPT- updating database status information Data files, redo log files, control files – Three types of files in a database Database related files: parameter file, password, archived redo log Processing a Query PARSE EXECUTE FETCH Shared pool : library cache and the data dictionary cache
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