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DataDictionary - constructs used in SQL functions used by...

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Data Dictionary Set of tables and views that is used as a reference to provide updated information about a database. Stores: Logical database structure, physical database structure, Names of schema objects, integrity constraints, database users and privileges, auditing information. Components: Base Tables and Data Dictionary Views Data Dictionary Views: Creation @d:\ora81\rdbms\admin\catalog; USER_views – schema of a database user, objects owned by user, roles granted by user, ALL_views – Objects accessed by a user. DBA_views SELECT * FROM DICTIONARY WHERE table_name LIKE upper(‘%ROLLBACK%’); SELECT segment_name FROM dba_rollback_segs; @d:\ora81\rdbms\admin\catproc; Utl*.sql – Creates additional views and tables for database utilities. Cat*.sql – Creates data dictionary views and catalog tables for database Dbms*.sql – Creates database package specifications Stored Procedures: stored in data dictionary, consist of SQL statements and PL/SQL
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Unformatted text preview: constructs, used in SQL functions, used by multiple users, provide IN,OUT, used without compilation. Package Properties: Package Spec. – declares all public constructs of a package Package Body – Defines all public and private constructs of a package Loads entire package into memory in one operation. Shared by many applications and users. Stored Program: Reduces disk retrieval, enforces data security, allows multiple access, Status of Database Objects: Valid: implies that the object is compiled and can be used when referenced. Invalid: implies that the object cannot be used when referenced. SELECT object_type, object_name FROM dba_objects WHERE object_type LIKE ‘%PACKAGE BODY%’ and status=’INVALID’; Describe dbms_session; Troubleshooting invalid objects: The oracle server automatically recompiles the object the next time it is used. Database users force the Oracle server to compile an invalid dependent object....
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DataDictionary - constructs used in SQL functions used by...

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