Manage Privileges - Create password file if it does not...

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Manage Privileges System and Object privileges System - not specific to a named schema Operations across the system, object management in any schema, object management operations in the user’s schema- grant ANY privileges with caution UNLIMITED TABLESPACE cannot be granted to roles Grantee that has the WITH ADMIN OPTION can further grant the system privilege or role using the WITH ADMIN OPTION Any user with GRANT ANY ROLE system privilege can grant any role in a database GRANT ALTER ANY TABLE TO BOB; GRANT CREATE VIEW TO BOB; CREATE DATABASE and RECOVER DATABASE UNITL privileges are not available with SYSOPER Revoking object privileges causes a cascading effect. However the objects created or manipulated by the grantor and the grantees remain unaffected WITH GRANT OPTION- grant the objet privilege to one or more users
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Steps for Setting up Password File Authentication
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Unformatted text preview: Create password file if it does not already exit Verify that REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORD_FILE is set to EXCLUSIVE Grant SYSOPER or SYSDBA privilege to users Query V$PWFILE_USERS to verify the password file members 07_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY = TRUE REVOKE ALTER ANY TABLE FROM BOB; Object Privileges To grant an object privilege, the object must be in your schema, or you must have been granted the privilege with the WITH GRANT OPTION. If you own an object, all privileges on that object are automatically acquired with the WITH GRANT OPTION. For security reasons, use creation while granting privileges on your objects. The WITH GRANT OPTION cannot be used to grant privileges to roles. SELECT * FROM dba_sys_privs; - info. About system privileges from data dictionary SELECT * FROM dba_col_privs;- info. About object privileges...
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Manage Privileges - Create password file if it does not...

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