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Managing Users - ACCOUNT UNLOCK Creating User Guidelines...

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Managing Users Account Locking- after a default failed amount of logins. Default Tablespace- space where if user doesn’t specify exact tablespace for objects Temporary tablespace- if not specified is the SYSTEM Tablespace quotas Resource Limits Direct and Role privileges Steps in creating a user: Select a username and an authentication mechanism Identify the tablespaces in which the user needs to store schema objects Decide on quotas for each tablespace Assign the default tablespace and the temporary tablespace Execute the CREATE USER command Grant privileges and roles to the user Educate users to connect to the database and change the standard password CREATE USER Nancy IDENTIFIED BY password DEFAULT TABLESPACE USERS TEMPORARY TABLESPACE TEMP PROFILE DEFAULT QUOTA 1 M ON USERS
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Unformatted text preview: ACCOUNT UNLOCK; Creating User Guidelines Select a standard password initially Use operating system authentication sparingly Use the EXPIRE keyword for forcing users to reset their passwords Always assign a temporary tablespace Restrict quotas to a few users ALTER USER “NANCY” IDENTIFIED BY “password” PASSWORD EXPIRE; ALTER USER “NANCY” ACCOUNT LOCK; ALTER USER NANCY QUOTA 3M on USER_DATA; DBA_TS_QUOTAS – displays information about tablespace quotas for users SELECT tablespace_name, max_bytes, bytes, blocks FROM dba_ts_quotas WHERE username IN (‘SCOTT’, ‘BOB’, ‘KAY’); SELECT username, created, lock_date, expiry_date FROM dba_users WHERE username IN (‘SCOTT’, ‘BOB’, ‘KAY);...
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Managing Users - ACCOUNT UNLOCK Creating User Guidelines...

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