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Roles create user alfredo identified by alfredos_secret; create user alfredo identified by alfredos_secret default tablespace ts_users temporary tablespace ts_temp; create user alfredo identified by passw0rd account lock ; CREATE PROFILE app_user LIMIT SESSIONS_PER_USER UNLIMITED CPU_PER_SESSION UNLIMITED CPU_PER_CALL 3000 CONNECT_TIME 45 LOGICAL_READS_PER_SESSION DEFAULT LOGICAL_READS_PER_CALL 1000 PRIVATE_SGA 15K COMPOSITE_LIMIT 5000000;
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Unformatted text preview: Create Role SalesClerk; Grant SalesClerk to Becky; Grant SalesClerk to Bob; Grant SalesClerk to bil; GRANT DELETE ON ORDERS TO SalesClerk Really good while handing a lot of users. GRANT SELECT ON PRODUCT TO PUBLIC; enables anyone with access to system(public) to view product table WITH GRANT OPTION; delegates users to grant roles to other people REVOKE [GRANT OPTION FOR] privilege-list ON OBJECT FROM user-list;...
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