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jobsearch2 - ATT data center call center Wedesnday 10:00...

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Sheet1 Page 1 time when persistent to reach goals past experience why you are the right person fulltime position 3:00 interview Puget air tech. 22315 hw 99 suite #7 98026 I5 south- 179 exit, right off freeway, left hwy 99, left on side, andys motel, plum tree plaza, tapioca, pay day building
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Unformatted text preview: ATT data center call center Wedesnday 10:00 3755 montevilla parkway Ldngs6 cingular.peoplescout.com bring copy of resume bellevue data entry 9:30 Seattle marketing 12:00 Top Foods 2:30 Puget Air Tech.: wednesday 1:00 12801288 - volt test password...
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