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Administrative Tools SQL *plus line mode as a database administration utility. Tasks include; starting up, shutting down, and recovering database. Alternative to Graphical user interface GUI OEM: graphical interface to monitor database. Oracle enterprise manager. SQL loader: loading data from external flat files into oracle tables, migrate from other systems to Oracle server. EXPORT/IMPORT: exporting and importing data in oracle format. Move data between databases and to different tablespaces or users within a database ORAPWD: creating and maintaining password file, ensure security of SYSDBA and SYSOPER privileges Response file: file that enables you to run Universal Installer in silent mode OEM architecture: OEM console, oracle management service, management targets with their intelligent agents
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Unformatted text preview: Intelligent Agent: process that runs on the remote nodes in a network, executes jobs and events sent by OEM console, uses NET8 or JDBC to communicate execution results, provides autonomy from OEM console,. OEM repository: set of database tables that store info. Used by OMS, stores system data, application data, a state of managed nodes. Set of repository tables installed in a database accessible to the OEM console. Provides location independence, separate OEM repository can exist for each OEM user. OMS: uses the OEM repository, provides central intelligence and distributed control between clients and managed nodes, processes and administers all system tasks, balances load between all OMS’s you create, provides failover protection between OMs’s....
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