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1. It’s almost if not impossible to get a job with out any education. Let’s say you make close to the minimum wage of 8.07$, which is the highest paying state for the wage. Even if she works 40-50 hours a week, that is only about 1200$ a month after the taxes are taken away. Average day care for three kids will cost about 600-1000$ a month. That doesn’t leave much at all for a place to stay, food, and any other costs. Even if she received government assistance, it won’t help out that much. Let’s just say the government will pay for both of her kids daycare, which is very unlikely, she still only has 1200$ dollars to pay for the rest of the expenses a month. An average apartment in this area is about 800 dollars a month. It would be very hard for a married couple, yet alone a woman to support her three kids and be able to get them out of poverty. I know there is a lot of assistance and programs for help out there, but that’s stretching the factor. There are a lot more opportunities for the poor than compared to back in 1971. I remember finding it
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