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Oracle Architecture Components - Oracle Architecture...

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Oracle Architecture Components DBA Tasks: Install oracle server and the application tools Creating logical structures Ensuring availability of the database Manage physical structures of the database Allocating and planning system storage Managing storage space Managing system users Enrolling new users Ensuring security of the system Monitor database performance Maintain backups Perform database recovery Local connection: User directly logs on to the machine running the oracle server. Two Tiered: User logs on to machine which is directly connected to the oracle server, ex: user runs Oracle Forms application from PC to access a database on a NT server. Multi-tiered Server: A user is connected to a network server. The network server is connected to the machine that is running the Oracle server. User and Server process: example of user process: when user is using the Oracle SQL plus worksheet, or an Oracle Application. Server process: When user logs on the Oracle server by specifying a user name, password, and database name. The server process is created on the same machine where the Oracle server is running. It holds operations requested by user process and performs them on the Oracle server. Session: Specific connection between an Oracle server and a user. Ends when user logs out or there is a termination in the connection. User process is also called a client. Starts when a tool is started, terminates when the user logs out, and includes the User program interface (UPI). UPI generates a call to the Oracle server. Server Process: handles the requests from the user. DBA needs to make sure to administrate these server processes and make sure they have the resources needed. Runs on the same machine as Oracle server Created when user requests a connection Terminated when a user disconnects Uses the PGA Includes the OPI Returns the status information and results SGA- System Global Area
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Oracle database allocates memory to the SGA when an instance starts. It is a SHARED memory. Each instance HAS ITS OWN SGA. Redo log buffer, database buffer cache,
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Oracle Architecture Components - Oracle Architecture...

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