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Chapter 10 review: four elements of counter-controlled applications: 1. name of the countrol variable(loop counter) 2. initial value of the the control variable 3. the increment (or decrement) by which the control variable is modified 4. the condition that tests for the final value of the control variable the value before the first semicolon in a for statement is known as the initial value of the counter variable The first line of the for repetition statement is informally known as the for header for ( int I = 7; I <= 77; I += 7 ) Chapter 7 review: the setText method sets a JCheckBox text the isSelected method determines whether a JCheckBox is checked which constant, when passed to method JoptionPane.showMessageDialog, indicates that a question is being asked? JoptionPane.QUESTION_MESSAGE What is the message dialog icon containing the letter “i” typically used for? To display information about the state of the application unary operator: requires exactly one operand The && operator is used to ensure that two conditions are both true
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quiz3prepare - Chapter 10 review four elements of...

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