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The brain development of a human is very similar to the development of kittens and other animals. An infant would benefit from an increase multimedia stimulation during infancy; for example, when a baby is over stimulated baby typically cries and then goes to sleep. A more balanced level of stimulation for the senses is needed for the regions of the brain to develop optimally. There’s a certain time window of the neural to flourish and the shape of the brain connections needed for language and emotion implications. There are far consequences if an infant was to be deprived cognitively or socially. The neglect and punishment a child will take in early developmental stages will be a step back in the progress of development. Showing affection toward the infant with love is critical for the first steps in developing a small person’s growth potential. Brain waves change rapidly from about three months before term to about three months after.
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Unformatted text preview: This reflects the maturation of the baby, if the brain is going through adversity these brain waves will be scattered. By the age 2, the brain is already at 75% of its adult weight, give an idea of how important that the environment of the newborn really is. Sudden infant death syndrome is one of the leading causes of death of newborns and results from sleeping conditions, room temperature, and more which are factors of negligence. The brain keeps being stimulated because an infant’s brain’s activity is a lot more active than a normal person. That’s the reason why babies cry unexpectedly and when asleep, the brain nerves are still very much active. At early developmental stages a baby might not realize the environmental factors around them, but as they get older, it will come and play a vital role in development....
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