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romeass11 - Nitish Venkatesh Assignment#11 111-119 41 Let...

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Nitish Venkatesh Assignment #11 111-119 41) Let us remember that Carthage was founded by the Phoenicians sometime close to 800 B.C. ( Romans 10). Refer to the paragraph at the top of page 10, and list the five regions of the Mediterranean region that were settled or colonized by the Phoenicians. 42) List the dates of the Second Punic War. 218-201 43) List three ways in which the Carthaginians made use of the Iberian peninsula in the last half of the third century B.C. Fight their wars, gold silver other metals to pay and equip soldiers, and Iberian timber to build their ship. 44) Your text mentions Hamilcar Barca, who had previously commanded Carthaginian forces in Sicily during the First Punic War (264-241 B.C.). Who was Hamilcar Barca’s illustrious son? Hannibal Barca 45) In 226, the Roman senate pressed Carthage to agree to a treaty. According to the terms of this treaty, what did the Carthaginians promise to refrain from doing? Not to send any military force across the Ebro River 46) What, according to our sources, occurred a few years after the signing of this treaty in 226? Demanded to hand over Hannibal, Carthaginians refused, declared war
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47) What claim did the Roman senate make with respect to Saguntum? Saguntum was in some way dependant upon Rome or had a right to Roman protection 48) Note that in 218 the Senate instructed the consul Publius Cornelius Scipio to lead
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