216, apgar scale

216, apgar scale - for more than one minute Irregular and...

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MEASURES OF NEONATAL HEALTH AND  RESPONSIVENESS- THE APGAR SCALE The  Apgar Scale  is a method widely used to assess the health of newborns at one and  five minutes after birth.  The Apgar Scale evaluates infants’ heart rate, respiratory effort,  muscle tone, body color, and reflex irritability. 0 1 2 Heart rate Absent Slow-less than 100 beats per minute Fast-100 – 140 beats per minute Respiratory Effort No breathing
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Unformatted text preview: for more than one minute Irregular and slow Good breathing with normal crying Muscle Tone Limp and flaccid Weak, inactive but some flexion of extremities Strong, active motion Body color Blue and pale Body pink but Extremities blue Entire body pink Reflex Irritability No response Grimace Coughing, sneezing, and crying //home/vdimitrov/12430/3e91c072176f75f2e975a8c4ca53ea6eff857523.doc...
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