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DreamWorks - and Monsters Inc took in $62 million in...

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DreamWorks How is DreamWorks Disruptive? (Compare to Disney or Pixar) Their strategy on launching new products to the market. o DreamWorks' first big move was in 1998 when it released Antz in October, a month before Disney’s and Pixar’s A Bug’s Life hit theaters. A Bug’s Life did end up with the bigger box-office take in the end, but DreamWorks had cemented itself as an animation force. o When Disney’s Monsters Inc . came out in theaters, DreamWorks released the Shrek DVD on the same day in an attempt to undercut first-day ticket sales. Shrek grossed $110 million in video revenue
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Unformatted text preview: and Monsters Inc. took in $62 million in theaters that weekend. DreamWorks got the last laugh when Shrek ended up beating Monsters Inc . for a “Best Animated “. • The use of computer generated animation. o Two CG animated feature films a year. (Excellent quality) • Ability to team-up with great companies when the time is right. o Disney will market at least six DreamWorks live-action movies each year produced through DreamWorks' agreement with India's Reliance BIG Entertainment, a major producer of Bollywood film, they said....
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