101-125 - A/B 101-125 WORDS mercurial disarray podium...

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A/B 101-125 WORDS DEFINITIONS mercurial easily changeable; erratic disarray confusion, disorder podium raised platform on which a speaker or conductor stands craven cowardly; contemptibly timid volatile tending to vary widely; unstable; quickly evaporating largess generosity in giving gifts hermetic completely sealed, ESP. from entry or escape of air purvey to supply condiment seasoning or relish for food, such as pepper, mustard, sauces, etc herald to bear news; to announce profound very deep; penetrating beyond the superficial corollary a natural consequence or effect; a deduction or an inference overwrought extremely nervous or excited import significance arbitrary determined by chance or individual preference, not by reason, necessity or principle engaging attractive; charming trivial of little worth or importance scintillate to give off sparks; to be animated or brilliant placid calm, undisturbed prudent marked by careful planning; discreet conceit fanciful idea or image. ESP. an exaggerated poetic comparison; an extravagant construction
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101-125 - A/B 101-125 WORDS mercurial disarray podium...

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