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301-325 - A/B 301-325 WORDS equanimity limber merge satire...

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A/B 301-325 WORDS DEFINITIONS equanimity evenness of temper, ESP. as a characteristic state limber bending easily; flexible merge to blend together satire irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack human vice or folly, ESP. in a literary work convoluted intricate; complicated pontificate to speak pompously and at length demean to disrespect; to lower; to degrade; to ridicule arid dry and barren; not interesting station social position patrician a person of refined manners or background; a member of the aristocracy temper to bring down in tone; to moderate; to soften hefty heavy libel a false written statement that damages a person's reputation aggregate total homogeneous uniform; of the same kind enumerate to count off or list sot one made foolish by excessive drinking; a drunkard defray provide for the payment of abbreviate to make shorter thrall servitude or bondage humane kind; compassionate contemplate to look at or think about carefully; to consider as a possibility formidable
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  • Spring '10
  • Thomson
  • temper hefty libel, enumerate sot defray, convey inscrutable consign, contemplate formidable conform, compulsion debunk turbulence

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