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A/B 676-700 WORDS DEFINITIONS oscillate to move back and forth regularly conclusive serving to settle a matter or put an end to doubt spate a large number or amount of something adamant stubbornly unyielding; impervious to pleas, appeals, or reason transgression violation of law; the exceeding of proper boundaries intrepid bold; fearless lexicographer a person who writes or compiles dictionaries inure to make used to something unpleasant (such as hardship, pain, etc) discord conflict or disagreement obligatory legally or morally required curriculum all the courses of study offered by an educational institution immolate to sacrifice; to kill or destroy sacred worthy of worship; made holy turpitude immoral behavior belligerent eager to fight; aggressive; engaged in warfare histrionic overly dramatic, theatrical stationery writing paper and envelopes colossal very large ornery mean-spirited and contrary in attitude perfunctory done without care or interest or merely as a form or routine wanton
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