726-750 - A/B 726-750 WORDS mordant ignominy erode...

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A/B 726-750 WORDS DEFINITIONS mordant bitingly sarcastic ignominy shame; dishonor erode to wear away slowly etiquette the forms of behavior of polite society petty having secondary rank or importance ferocity fierceness enormity great wickedness; an evil act sage having wisdom and calm judgment surmount to overcome (obstacle); to climb to the top of impecunious having no money; poor; penniless replete well-filled; abundantly supplied shroud to conceal; something that covers hospitable friendly, kind, and solicitous toward guests; receptive or open impotent powerless; helpless; ineffective sacrilege the intentional desecration or disrespectful treatment of something sacred neophyte a beginner; an immature person who is learning lethal deadly; harmful; fatal unremitting constant; not stopping tepid moderately warm; lacking force or enthusiasm timorous full of fear homily a sermon theology the study of the nature of God and religious truth abeyance a suspension of activity desideratum something needed and wanted
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726-750 - A/B 726-750 WORDS mordant ignominy erode...

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