951-975 - A/B 951-975 WORDS DEFINITIONS meritorious...

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Unformatted text preview: A/B 951-975 WORDS DEFINITIONS meritorious deserving reward or praise accolade an award or honor; a sign of great respect acclimate to make comfortable in a new environment; to adapt to bolster to support or strengthen cistern a large receptacle for storing water, OFT. underground malicious spiteful implore to ask for urgently; to beg evolve to develop gradually acquiesce to agree without protest macabre suggesting the horror of death proscribe to prohibit or forbid; to denounce pretext an excuse; an strategy intended to conceal something counsel advice or guidance; V. to give guidance to luminescent emitting light not derived from heat, E.G. through chemical reaction exhaustive thorough visceral instinctive; relating to the internal organs insouciant calm and untroubled; carefree; indifferent obituary a newspaper account of a person's death, usually including biographical information predatory characterized by robbing or exploiting others; living by capturing and feeding on other animals...
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951-975 - A/B 951-975 WORDS DEFINITIONS meritorious...

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