976-1000 - A/B 976-1000 WORDS amble atrophy bestow bilk...

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A/B 976-1000 WORDS DEFINITIONS amble to walk slowly or leisurely atrophy wasting away, ESP. of body tissue bestow to present or give bilk to swindle; to cheat celestial relating to the heavens censorious inclined to find fault; harshly critical charisma a quality of leadership that inspires great devotion in ones followers; personal magnetism or charm concomitant accompanying ( of events) concurrent happening at the same time; acting together contempt a feeling that something is low or disgusting criterion a measurable value; standard for judging diligent painstaking and steady dint power; effort echelon a level within an organization effusive overflowing; excessively emotional entreaty an earnest plea or request espionage the act or practice of spying evanescent fading from sight; transient exult to rejoice greatly feat an act or accomplishment showing skill fetter to confine, to restrain, or keep down; N. chains; shackles hogwash worthless or false speech or writing inaugurate to formally bring into office at the beginning of a term
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976-1000 - A/B 976-1000 WORDS amble atrophy bestow bilk...

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