August 25 - Professor Margaret Asirvatham...

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WELCOME TO CHEM 3311-2oo Organic Chemistry 1 for Non-Majors Fall 2008 Professor Margaret Asirvatham Lecture: MWF, 11:00 – 11:50 AM, MCDB A2B70 Course websites: and CULearn courses Lab Coordinator: Ms. Patty Feist Ekeley M 1B48 (303-492-8256) Pre-requisite : Grade of C- or better in CHEM 1131 (or the equivalent transfer or AP credit) Co-requisite : CHEM 3321 is a 1-credit laboratory course that is graded independently from CHEM 3311. Students missing the first lab session may be dropped from lecture and laboratory courses. See Patty Feist in Ekeley 1B48 for lab-related questions. Waitlist Update Recitation Sections Tricia Eklc M203 5-6 Tuesday 293 Tricia Eklc M203 5-6 Wednesday 292 Tricia Chem 145 5-6 Monday 291 Heather Eklc E1B75 1-2 Wednesday 253 Heather Eklc E1B75 12-1 Tuesday 252 Heather Eklc E1B75 2-3 Monday 251 Heather Eklc M203 8-9 Friday 213 Heather Eklc M203 8-9 Wednesday 212 Heather Chem 131 8-9 Monday 211 TA Location Time Day Section # Office hours Organic Help room (across from the organic teaching labs in Ekeley): Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-2 PM. Office hours will also be conducted weekly in Ekeley E1B50 , on Mondays from 5:00-6:00 PM. Additional help sessions will be offered by successful students from last fall semester; hours will be announced in lecture. During exam weeks, review sessions will be held on Mondays 5-7 PM in Ekeley E1B50.
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August 25 - Professor Margaret Asirvatham...

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