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SE Guidelines - O-N All substrates except methyl E2 Cl F...

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Substitution/Elimination Guidelines Strong Bases Weak Bases Good Nucleophiles HO - , RO - (R = Me, Et) RC C Substrate Methyl, 1º Mechanism S N 2 S N 2/E2 E2 Poor/Fair Nucleophiles I - , Br - , RS - , CN - , N 3 - Substrate Methyl, 1º Mechanism S N 2 S N 2
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Unformatted text preview: O-N All substrates, except methyl E2 Cl-, F-, RCO 2-, H 2 O, ROH Substrate Methyl, 1º 2º, 3º Mechanism S N 2 S N 1/E1 Dehydration of Alcohols under acidic conditions: Elimination Reactions...
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