September 12

September 12 - as for ethane(A No Yes(B Yes No(C No No(D...

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Lecture #8, September 12, 2008 Announcements (1) Quiz #2: September 15-19 Material tested includes information through Friday’s (September 12) lecture (2) Please download gapped lecture notes on Conformational Analysis (Chapter 3) for lecture (3) Exam 1 on Thursday, September 25 will cover material through Friday’s (September 19) lecture. Exam seating information will be provided on Monday. Types of strain: 1) Angle strain (discussed Sept 10) 2) Torsional strain (discussed Sept 10) 3) van der Waals strain Arises when nonbonded atoms get too close (refer to butane discussion) 4) Bond length distortion Deviation from normal values (this type of strain is encountered least) Conformational Analysis of Ethane Refer to textbook, pages 104-107 (Seventh Edition of Carey) ConcepTest (CT) Sketch the potential energy diagram for the conformational analysis of propane. Compare your diagram with that for ethane. Is the shape of the profile similar to that of ethane? Is the activation energy the same
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Unformatted text preview: as for ethane? (A) No, Yes (B) Yes, No (C) No, No (D) Yes, Yes Newman, Sawhorse , and Wedge-and-Dash Projection Formulas Refer to textbook, page 105 2 ConcepTest (CT) This sawhorse drawing of butane is: (A) a gauche conformation. (B) the anti conformation. (C) the least stable eclipsed conformation. (D) the relatively more stable eclipsed conformation. Conformational Analysis of Butane Refer to textbook, pages 107-109 (Seventh Edition of Carey) ConcepTest (CT) Select the correct statement (A) The most stable conformation in C 2 H 6 is the staggered conformation. (B) Torsional strain in the eclipsed conformation of C 2 H 6 accounts for the energy difference between the staggered and eclpised conformations. (C) The two staggered conformations of butane are equivalent. (D) The gauche conformation of butane is less stable than the anti because of van der Waals strain. NOTE: The question should have read incorrect statement! CH 3 CH 3 H H H H...
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September 12 - as for ethane(A No Yes(B Yes No(C No No(D...

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