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LECTURE 6B - -detect appearance in real-time using...

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Membranes - viral endocytosis H1N1 : “The largest fire drill the planet has ever had” Peramivir (in trials) -more potent neuraminidase inhibitor -IV application DAS181 (in development) -inhalation drug -fusion between a sialidase and a cell-surface anchoring domain -cleaves sialic acid from cells -prevents H5 or H1 from binding -temporary => new receptors are made within a few days
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Membranes - viral endocytosis Detecting the flu: Real-time reverse transcriptase PCR -use reverse trasncriptase to convert RNA DNA -amplify DNA using fluorescently labeled primers -amplified regions (H1, H5, N1, etc…= good for subtyping which flu
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Unformatted text preview: -detect appearance in real-time using Fuorescence detection-sensitive, but very expensive Antigen-detection immunoassays-use antibodies against H1, H5, N1, etc.-often not selective enough InDevR (Boulder-based company, in development)-²luChip uses the more stable internal matrix protein (also different for sub-types)-use binding to a DNA microarray and detection by light treatment-can simultaneously detect a number of Fu viruses-whole system = $4,000; 3.5 – 8 hr detection time...
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