icq2 - domain Translation Ribosome binds to mRNA at the...

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Class 2 Exercise Answers
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General kinds of Mechanism Regulation at each step Transcription : Transcription factors bind to DNA regulatory elements; interact with other transcription factors or interact with each other. To stop apoptosis, you’d need to (for example) silence transcription with a factor that prevents other TFs from binding Enzymes : can methylate or de-acetylate the promoter (thus preventing transcription); or de-methylate or acetylate the promoter, thus allowing transcription. plicing: NA inding proteins ind mRNA transcript; could ther block or activate licing tes To prevent Splicing: RNA-binding proteins bind to mRNA transcript; could either block or activate splicing sites. To prevent apoptosis, you might want to produce an alternative transcript that was non-functional, or lacked a critical
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Unformatted text preview: domain Translation : Ribosome binds to mRNA at the 5’ end. Ways of regulation include prevent binding, changing the binding constant, and changing the length of time that the mRNA trancript is available (for example, factors can bind to the 3’ UTR to stabilize the mRNA and thus allow more protein to be made). Protein modifications: Enzymes can bind to protein, ubiquitinate it to target it for degradation (do this to prevent apoptosis), or also to phosphorylate the protein (activating it). Some features that make a protein specific for regulation of a particular gene: higher affinity for or ability to bind only a specific promoter region or specific transcription factor binds to a unique site on a protein binds to a specific DNA sequence...
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icq2 - domain Translation Ribosome binds to mRNA at the...

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