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Unformatted text preview: UF-ESI-6314DMOR-05-02.xls Problem Statementpage 1 of 6ORLANDO TO DALLASFlightDeparture TimeArrival Time17001015210151300314001700416301945520002345DALLAS TO LOS ANGELESFlightDeparture TimeArrival Time611001430712301530814151730915001830101700194505-02.Model the following problem as an assignment problem (no need to solve it). We need to arrange five flights from Orlando to Los Angeles, connecting in Dallas. Each flight consists of two connections. Our goal is to pair flights between Orlando and Dallas to flights between Dallas and Los Angeles. An ideal connection time between flights is 75 minutes. Find a pairing of flights that minimizes the sum of deviations from a 75-minute layover (e.g., a 50-minute layover results in a penalty of 25, and an 80-minute layover results in a penalty of 5).Also, no layover can be smaller than 30 minutes. If you want to connect a flight that arrives at 1300 to one that departs at 1315, the passenger has a 24 hour and 15 minute layover!Luther Setzer1 NASA Pkwy E Stop NEM3, Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899(321) 544-7435UF-ESI-6314DMOR-05-02.xls Assignmentpage 2 of 6Table 0Arrival 1Arrival 2Arrival 3Arrival 4Arrival 510:1513:0017:0019:4523:45Departure 611:000:4522:0018:0015:1511:15Departure 712:302:1523:3019:3016:4512:45Departure 814:154:001:1521:1518:3014:30Departure 915:004:452:0022:0019:1515:15Departure 1017:006:454:0024:0021:1517:15To make this problem soluble, convert all terms in the table to decimals.Table 1Arrival 1Arrival 2Arrival 3Arrival 4Arrival 510.2513.0017.0019.7523.75Departure 611.000.7522.0018.0015.2511.25Departure 712.502.2523.5019.5016.7512.75Departure 814.254.001.2521.2518.5014.50Departure 915.004.752.0022.0019.2515.25Departure 1017.006.754.0024.0021.2517.251.25=ΔPer the initial problem statement, seek to minimize absolute deviations from 75 minutes....
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DMOR-05-02 - UF-ESI-6314DMOR-05-02 Problem Statementpage 1...

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