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Unformatted text preview: UF-ESI-6314DMOR-05-04.xls Problem Statementpage 1 of 405-04.Consider the graph given below. Suppose that the numbers next to the arcs represent capacities. Solve the maximum flow problem on this graph by formulating it as a linear program and solving using Excel. Alsoidentify the minimum cut set in the graph.123456755472673284Luther Setzer1 NASA Pkwy E Stop NEM3, Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899(321) 544-7435UF-ESI-6314DMOR-05-04.xls Linear Programpage 2 of 4Only the first and last node in the set have non-neutral flow.Select the first node outflow to maximize.maximize:z=x12+x13subject to:x12=x24+x25Flow balance for Node2x13=x34+x35Flow balance for Node3x24+x34=x46+x47Flow balance for Node4x25+x35=x56+x57Flow balance for Node5x46+x56=x67Flow balance for Node6x12≤5Flow cannot exceed capacity of arcx13≤5Flow cannot exceed capacity of arcx24≤6Flow cannot exceed capacity of arcx25≤4Flow cannot exceed capacity of arcx34≤7Flow cannot exceed capacity of arcx35≤2Flow cannot exceed capacity of arc...
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DMOR-05-04 - UF-ESI-6314DMOR-05-04 Problem Statementpage 1...

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