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Deterministic Methods in Operations Research ESI 6314 Section 7618 Fall Semester 2007 (OEM 2009) Description: Introduction to basic models and their solution with modern computer packages. Emphasis on modeling, computer solution, and sensitivity analysis with reference to model theory and development of algorithmic methods. We’ll cover Linear Programming, Networks, and Integer Programming. If we’re lucky, we’ll get to Dynamic and Nonlinear Programming. Prerequisites: Calculus, linear algebra, and experience using PCs. Course Website: http://lss.at.ufl.edu/ Professor: Dr. J. Cole Smith , Room 372 Weil Hall. Phone: 352-392-1464, x2020. Teaching Assistant(s): TBA Text and Lecture Notes: Wayne L. Winston: Operations Research: Applications & Algorithms , 4th edition (strongly recommended text). I will distribute lecture notes throughout the course of class to help reinforce my lectures and help you focus on what is particularly important for this class. Homework:
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