Grades - with this one. No, I did not procrastinate! I will...

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My Grades February 28, 2008 (XX) - Indicates a grade that is partial or not complete Student: Luther Setzer (luthersetzer) Course: ESI6314 - Deterministic Methods in Operations Research (Smith) Section: Fall 2007 - Sect. 7618 Section Instructor: JONATHAN COLE SMITH Item Grade Statistics Comments HW #1: 60 (out of 60) Midterm: 77 Final: 72 Homework #2: 30 (out of 60) I am not particularly proud of this submission but I tried my best. I have located a local tutor who teaches math, but we got together too late for him to help me much
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Unformatted text preview: with this one. No, I did not procrastinate! I will admit that I find the distance format frustrating and so require the supplemental local tutor to make this program work for me. Homework 3: 59 (out of 60) I think I got a perfect score this time! Hooray! Homework #4: 60 (out of 65) The third file contains all the problems related to the cooler. Homework #5: 76 (out of 80) FINAL LETTER GRADE: B Your location: My Grades...
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