OptimizetheEnterprise - Malee sure YOUr saiaryis up to...

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Unformatted text preview: Malee sure- YOUr' saiaryis up to speed with our lateSt salmy sun1ey. And, stell' in the fast: l/l!le with otil!!r' musts!?e' ieature:;, I inc:ludirrg Ressar:::n Did you know your Web st'"...e can run up to 50 times faster in SSL mode? June 5, 2000 Now that we've got the computing power, optimlzation is stepping in to give us the 'smarts' Optimize The Enterprise .Events rrnancial Ne-W5 IT R 9 S 0 U :-'C B Center's Career Adi-..r.::e Send Us Your Feedback ::'nterprise resource planning and supply-chain management vendors have begun including these algorithms in their products, adapting them to their customers' industries. By i\le)~andra Barrett In the process, software optimization has become accessible to mere mortals: developers who mayor may not have stellar programming or mathematics skills, but who have keen business acumen and a desire to improve the company's bottom line. t~ ,the Internet ha~ shown ~s anything, It s how we can lrve and ao business .... :!:.':.,;:..,,,...•,,..'".:..,,,.,., •.. ,' ....•..:,,.,.,,.,, ••:,,:".' with lightning speed. The question hassi~!9~;}J'o~1~'?~Th.~:on-~;?~t becom,::: Can we keep up? Judging by Re.~~~;J:T:n~~..,;:~::,<;;" the zsal with which companies aresidbb~\)jitiriiizii~6n:W~hPiri~i. ~~~~~~~~i~~~ ~~~~:~ ~~~:~ ~il ~~g~~~~J~r~t·d(;;··'··f:}·,:;,;t:· to think outside tne box and try outB-iJ~ities~'lnidijgehd~¥;6J~f~"": new ways to run th"'ir businQ"'s"'s ''(5!J7C10' '''::-' .•.......... ,: ",::.-.,.,...,...,::'.- - -- - . ::~::i,tjJ;eir:~Ff;':Y~./(lY~~::.n::.~ R.ecently, many companies have 'Bu~m..e.~B·T1Jtel1irren~e~P.n.'~.~·:,t.~.;: charged their appli::ation deve\opment:~:;~;~~~·~~:0;:~gD,·:~>·:.:i{,>:., tsams with refining existing business 'i6jco~i:Jrilto:Aniil~clifT6tik processes through the use Of%·6·:t,tNI~:i(j~·;I/h/i.iio~ii5:~':F specialized optimization tools. These' ..·'· ..·•··__ ·····- .., -,.,,,.-",,',,:;,- tools are based on sophisti::ated I ~~~:~~~~~~!,~~;~¥~~r~F:,~i"s'il~W . , - - - - - - - - - - mathematicians and operations J' . ':J: research prOfeSSionals.)! 6e~neL:"" .~:::'. ~:" " , . ; , " ' ' ,' / ~ ; ; . :. ... ....> . Site. fftOfltlsomd by ny.',Vm Od,IZl r,..com Step- 19uide to making it BIG in sm a ll business .W lE 5 '1 iI l\!!:~~' t~'2:"~':- "-~ )~ ~ r;- - - ·- ·- - - - - - 1 , I , - - - - - - - : J Ilcoin i ._":"'- •.•J There's no doubt that optimization can be complicated stuff, ~3 6/20/00 1;:35 PM GOOD REl1l1l'N: Sabre consultant S~cur. 'HYS K may take him monlht to DflIIclop Dno oplimizll.tion mODul, bul optimization Duhvcrs Bli impro;siVD RDI u & e u ID answer complex questions. Optimization is a discipline that uses mathematj~s and computer science techniques to solve complex business problems whose results depend on hundreds, thousands, or even millions of interconnected variables....
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OptimizetheEnterprise - Malee sure YOUr saiaryis up to...

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