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June 5, :WOO Information Week News GItline http://wwv.,'.informati on weel~.comJ? 89/optimiz2.hnn Tools of the Operations Research Trade By Alexandra Barren Ask an operations research professionaJ--those folks who bring you corrunercial software optimization applications-what exactly it is they do, and you might get an answer like this: find the best solution to a complex ousiness problem, where best can mean cheapest, fastest, smallest, or any ntnnoer of other superlatives. To the uninitiated, therefore, operations research may sound like a simple enough pursuit- Delve a linle and you'll find e:Ktensively trained academics wielding some of the finest; most precise tools avaiiable to mathematicians. These include linear programming and its relatives, linear integer programming, integer programming, and multi-integer programming. Together, these mathematical techniques malee up the brunt of traditional operations research tecnniques. Linear programming
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