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Name Case Debbie Coleman and Apple Case Problem Analysis Grading Scale = (Max. points)/Target points Total Score = g 5 Relevant Facts, Background (10)/6 Case Specific: Conflict about JIT Coleman caught in middle Doesn't think its priority Relationshi with Jobs Problem Definition/Issues (15)/9 Case Specific: Multiple sources of stress Coleman must address JIT although unwilling General Criteria: Should be in terms of Focus Theo ies. Relevant Theories (25)/20 Case Specific: Sources of Stress: Occupational Factors Role Pressures Responsibility for people Organization Factors Personality (25)/20 Criteria: # of Alternatives Based on theory/viability Pros Analyzed Cons Anal zed Solution/Plan of Action (25)/20 Criteria: Justified by Theory Pros Analyzed Cons Analyzed Expand/Clarify ............ ~' Expand/Clarify Expand/Clarify Expand/Clarify coleman Ok/Good Job l~ / Ok/Good Job " .., ~ Ok/Good Job Excellent ,~ J Excellent Excellent Excellent 95 Excellent \
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Background and Relevant Facts Debi Coleman received a BA in English Literature in 1974 before Texas Instruments (TI) "-, employed her as a production supervisor. In her words, she had "two and a half strikes against" '~)' '.."~'~i ,'.' "'. <. 0 Iher because of her youth, gender and non-technical education. She vigorously pursued a self- , , ~.,J :., " J". "; .• ,\~(_~~irectedprogram of education to overcome these strikes, first through courses in electronics and i 8ccounting, and later through an MBA program. Over time, she progressed from TI to General Electric to General Foods and finally to Hewlett-Packard (HP) as a financial accounting supervIsor. She continued to find herself interested in manufacturing and so continued to take courses relevant to that discipline. By 1981, her abilities had matured enough to land her a job as project controller of the Mac group at Apple Computer, Inc. In 1982, this group evolved ~". rormally into the Macintosh division of which she became division controller. 1)~~~. As time progressed, Coleman encountered swelling sources of stress. Given that Steve .t\)\:~:~, ~:?bs considered the Mac a vastly superior product that held the future of Apple, a rivalry had emerged between the Mac division and the rest of Apple with the former "alienating everybody in the rest of the company." Coleman's close working subordinate relationship to Jobs led the alienated parties to view her as "the wicked witch of the West." Major problems at the main Mac plant in Fremont, California which she oversaw added even more stress as those problems grew ,'Jch that by May 1984 they threatened the very future of Apple. \ . i}'.,
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DebbieColeman - Name Case Debbie Coleman and Apple Case...

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