OrganizationalBehavior - External Training Requests...

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External Training Requests Tracking Number 11144 Section A - TRAINEE INFORMATION 1. Applicant's Name SETZER, LUTHER R 2. User Name lrsetzer 3. Position Level a. Nonsupervisor d. Executive b. Supervisor e. Other c. Manager 4. Home Address Add1 Add2 City State Zip 5. Organization Mailing Address Org Code KSC-NEM30 Addr1 KSC Engineering Directorate Addr2 John F. Kennedy Space Center City Kennedy Space Center State FL Zip 32899 5a. Office Phone - Area code/number 3218675849 5b. Email Address 5c. Fax - Area code/number 4197102977 6. Position Title/Function AST 6a. Pay Plan/Series/ Grade GS-13 6b. Education Level 13 Section B - TRAINING COURSE DATA 7. Name and Mailing Address of Training Vendor Name University of Florida Addr1 303 Weil Hall Addr2 PO Box 116595 City Gainesville State FL Zip 32611 Phone 800321019 Fax 3523926291 Email 7a. Location of Training Site If Same, mark box Addr1 303 Weil Hall Addr2 PO Box 116595 City Gainesville State FL Zip 32611 8. Course Title Organizational Behavior 9. Course Objectives Study the relationship between the individual administrator and supervisors, the employees supervised, and associates at a comparable level in the organization. 10. Course Description The fundamental forces affecting human behavior and the management of personnel in organizations. Organizational environment as a determinant of structure. 11. Justification This course commences the Outreach Engineering Management (OEM) program for earning a Master's Degree in Systems Engineering Management. 12. Related competencies - Primary Systems Engineering You may identify four additional competencies that this training supports
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13. Vendor Catalog / Course Number MAN 5245 14. Training Period Start 08/18/2007 Complete 12/08/2007 15. Number Of Course Hours a. During Duty: 0 b. Non Duty: 45 c. TOTAL: 45 16. Are you requesting reasonable accommodations to participate in this course? Yes No List accommodations if needed: Choose One Other: 17. Credit Hours 3 18. Estimated Costs (Direct) Amount Employee Contribution a. Tuition 2580. 0.00 b. Books or Materials 0.00 300 c. Other (Specify) 0.00 0.00 d. Total 2580 300 19. Estimated Costs (Indirect) Amount Employee Contribution a. Travel 0.00 0.00
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OrganizationalBehavior - External Training Requests...

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