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INDV101 - Mind, Self and Language Course Calendar Language Fall 2007 This calendar may be changed if necessary, with appropriate advance notice. The official version of this calendar is that available on our course website (http://www.u.arizona.edu/ avf/INDV101/); print copies are not official and are subject to change. All required readings are from Winkler’s ‘Understanding Language’ (labeled ‘W’), and should be completed by the day on which they are listed on this calendar. Recommended readings (‘M’ = Matthews, ‘B’ = Bauer and Trudgill) may be used to supplement required readings, but will not be covered on exams, and are not required. ‘PP’ = Project Part; ‘HW’ = Homework; ‘EX’ = Exam, ‘MG’ = Minigrammar. Week Date Due Topic Readings 1 8/20 Intro to Course course documents 8/22 Descriptive grammar W-Ch.1 ; M-Ch.1, 3; B-Ch.2, 8, 10, 12. 8/24 Intro to Section section syllabus 2 8/27 Language, dialect, sociolect W-Ch.4 ; M-Ch.6,7; B-Ch.9, 13, 17.
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  • Self and Language Language, Syntax Disc, Applications Phonetics Disc, Pragmatics Disc, appropriate advance notice

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