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Invented Language Project, Part 1 – Phonemic Inventory and Orthography <<TYPE YOUR NAME AND SECTION NUMBER HERE>> <<TYPE THE DATE HERE>> Page 1 of 2 SECTION 1: Overview <<type in the name of your language, and the other elements required for the introductory paragraph here (e.g. where the language is spoken, how many speakers, etc.)>> SECTION 2: Phonemic Inventory and Writing System <<type in a brief introduction to your phonemic inventory here. Note that all tables provided here may need to be revised by you based on the actual sounds you are including in your phonemic inventory. You may need to add or delete rows or columns. See the IPA handout for more information about how to include voicing and glottal contrasts in the consonant chart. Remember that the goal is to create a plausible inventory – so use your class notes to help make sure you’re doing that.>> Consonant Inventory – IPA bilabial labiovelar labiodental interdental alveolar alveopalatal palatal velar glottal Stop Affricate Fricative Nasal
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  • Fall '07
  • Walker
  • Vowel, International Phonetic Alphabet, Consonant, phonemic inventory, Phonemic Inventory and Orthography, vowel inventory

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