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Invented Language Project, Invented Language Project, Part 4 –Pragmatics <<TYPE YOUR NAME AND SECTION NUMBER HERE>> <<TYPE THE DATE HERE>> Page 1 of 1 SECTION 1: Overview and Introduction <<type in the name of your language, and the non-Indo European language your references described. Then name the type of phenomenon you will focus on (i.e. dialect, language and gender, style, politeness, etc). Remember that you must properly use, and cite, two acceptable academic references for this project part – it’s not acceptable to just cite the references and not actually discuss them.>> SECTION 2: The phenomenon in
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Unformatted text preview: << name the non-Indo-European language here >> <<Describe the phenomenon (as it occurs in the real language you read about), and be sure that you cite (properly, with appropriate discussion) each of your references in the text of this portion of the paper>> SECTION 2: An analogous situation in << name your language here >> << be sure to give examples, and write them examples using the four-line system described in the assignment handout. Explain clearly how these examples are similar to those you discussed in section 1>> References <<Type out your full reference citations in LSA style here.>>...
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