Dont be anonymous indv101 fall 2007 5 proof fall 2006

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Unformatted text preview: s… INDV101 – Fall 2007 Your grade • • • • • 10% lecture participation (lecture) 10% section participation (section) 20% homework (section) 20% exams (lecture) 40% invented language project (section) • (Substantial interdisciplinary content, substantial writing component) INDV101 – Fall 2007 The most important thing • That you can do to succeed in this class is: • PARTICIPATE • Attend all lectures and sections • Turn in every assignment on time • Ask questions, use office hours, make appointments. • Don’t be anonymous! INDV101 – Fall 2007 5 Proof – Fall 2006 Final Grade Distribution (Raw, N=459) 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 A B C D E(all) More Stats • Consistently, we find that 50-60% of the variability in students final scores can be accounted for by LECTURE ATTENDANCE (test = R2). • SECTION ATTENDANCE is even more strongly correlated with good grades – there the number is more like 75%. • Be here, be active, talk to us, turn in your work on time. INDV101 – Fall 2007 931pts 840pts 261pts 737pts 648pts INDV101 – Fall 2007 When is a dog’s tail not a ta...
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