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Unformatted text preview: il? Why do we get this joke? [wægǝn] waggin’ is an informal pronunciation waggin’ of ‘wagging’, [wægɪŋ]; [wægǝn] is also the wagging’ [w ɪŋ]; pronunciation of wagon. wagon • The study of the pronunciation (articulation), perception and modification of speech sounds is called ‘phonetics’ or ‘phonology’ phonetics’ phonology’ • Phonetics/phonology is a subdiscipline of linguistics INDV101 – Fall 2007 Phonetics/Phonology • Here are some speech sounds from a language other than English: • ii’ • This is a word of Navajo, which refers to one of these: • • • Answer: When it’s a-waggin’! it’ a- waggin’ INDV101 – Fall 2007 6 Phonetics/Phonology • The sounds in ii’ may all seem unfamiliar to speakers of English • - a ‘voiceless lateral fricative’ fricative’ • i - a ‘high, front, tense, vowel’ vowel’ • (oh, we have those in English) • But with high tone, and with nasalization • (we have those in English too – but they’re...
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