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Quick reminder on terminology: Onset : the consonant or consonants before the V (V is the “nucleus” or “peak”). Syllables that start with a V are “onsetless” Coda : consonant or consonants after the V. Complex : two (or more) consonants at one edge of the syllable. In real languages, restrictions on onsets and codas are independent of each other – that is, a language either allows onsetless syllables or not, and codas or not, but not “onsetless syllables, but only when they have codas”. As a result, you can’t just choose syllable shapes willy-nilly. An invented language that allows CV, and CCVCC syllables (and no other syllable types) is not realistic! Syllable templates : your language should allow one of the following options:
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Unformatted text preview: Your language has ALL of these Because it allows : syllable types: C V ( B a r e m i n i m u m ) CV, V Onsetless syllables CV, CVC Codas CV, V, CVC, VC Onsetless syllables and codas CV, CCV Complex onsets CV, V, CCV Complex onsets, Onsetless syllables CV, CCV, CVC, CCVC Complex onsets, codas CV, V, CCV, CVC, VC, CCVC Complex onsets, onsetless syllables, codas CV, CVC, CVCC Complex codas CV, V, CVC, VC, CVCC, VCC Complex codas, onsetless syllables CV, CCV, CVC, CCVC, Complex codas, complex onsets CVCC, CCVCC CV, V, CCV, CVC, VC, CCVC, Complex codas, complex onsets, onsetless syllables CVCC, VCC, CCVCC If you want to allow even bigger clusters (CCC and beyond)… well, you figure it out! (it’s not hard)...
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