Creole or that navajo is the or third most commonly

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Unformatted text preview: ju həv rɛd ðɪs sɛntəns]? • Is derived from the Is statement: statement: • [ju kʊd həv rɛd ðɪs sɛntəns]! • Via syntactic Via movement? movement? INDV101 – Fall 2007 INDV101 – Fall 2007 Review • Or that a ‘subject’ Or and a ‘predicate’ are just a NP and a VP? just • And that the English And pronouns are marked for Case? marked INDV101 – Fall 2007 INDV101 – Fall 2007 Review • Could you have argued Could intelligently about whether or not animals have language? have • Did you know that Did English was IndoEnglish European, and European, Germanic, and possibly a creole? creole? • Or that Navajo is the Or third most commonly spoken language of Arizona? Arizona? INDV101 – Fall 2007 INDV101 – Fall 2007 Review • Or that there are Or 6,912 spoken human languages used on earth today, of which 90% are endangered? endangered? • And that only 1/3 of And those have writing? those INDV101 – Fall 2007 INDV101 – Fall 2007 You’ve come a long way… • In fact, you’ve come a In (expletive) long way. (expletive) • (and I’ll bet you know (and what the expletive was, but did not interpret it denotatively). denotati...
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