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Unformatted text preview: acquisition acquisition – Winkler, chapter 3 • Animal Animal communication systems systems – Winkler, chapter 2 – Lecture 11/14 INDV101 – Fall 2007 INDV101 – Fall 2007 Section 3 • Language families – Lectures 11/19 & Lectures 11/21 11/21 • Language History – Winkler chapters 9 Winkler and 10 and • Language policy – Lecture 11/28 INDV101 – Fall 2007 INDV101 – Fall 2007 Review • Think about where you Think were at the start of the term. term. • [kʊd ju həv rɛd ðɪs sɛntəns]? • Did you know that Did languages might use ‘ejective’ sounds, but that they almost always have [t]? have INDV101 – Fall 2007 INDV101 – Fall 2007 Review • Or known why you might Or be misunderstood when you use a word like [ənlakəbəl]? • Or been able to argue Or knowledgably either for or against the introduction of the word [kanvərset] in the American English? INDV101 – Fall 2007 INDV101 – Fall 2007 Review • Did you realize that Did the question: the • [kʊd...
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