Chapter 6 - Phosphate adenine Phosphate ribose Phosphate...

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energy adenine ribose Phosphate Phosphate water ribose adenine Phosphate AP Biology Name _Adeesh Jain _______________ Chapter 8 Guided Reading Assignment 1. Contrast the catabolic and anabolic pathways. Catabolic pathways are where cells create energy by breaking down complex molecules into simpler ones, like sugar glucose and other molecules are broken down to carbon dioxide and water. Anabolic pathways consume energy to make complex molecules from simpler ones. One example is making a protein from amino acids (simple complex). 2. Define the following terms: these terms and concepts are critical – they would be “great” quiz words. a. Energy- the ability to do work b. Kinetic energy- energy of motion c. Heat/thermal energy- kinetic energy that results from molecules moving randomly d. Chemical energy- form of potential energy that is stored in molecules because of the arrangement of atoms in the molecules e. Thermodynamics- the study of the energy transformations that occur in a collection of matter; there are 4 different terms used in thermodynamics, system which is the matter under study, surrounding is everything else, closed system is a system isolated from surroundings and open system is when energy can be transferred from systems and surroundings f. First Law of Thermodynamics- energy cannot be destroyed and cannot be created; also known as the [principle of] conversation of energy
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Chapter 6 - Phosphate adenine Phosphate ribose Phosphate...

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