Chapter 34 - Adeesh Jain Pace Period 1 AP Biology Reading...

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Adeesh Jain Pace Period 1 AP Biology Reading Guide Chapter 34: Vertebrates 1. We (humans) are vertebrates . What phylum do we belong to? We belong to Phylum Chordata. 2. What other phylum might be considered our close relatives? Why? The echinoderms; are deutrosomes. 3. List the 4 characteristics common to all vertebrates. Notochord, dorsal, hollow nerve cord, and pharyngeal slits, and tail (visible in the embryonic form) 4. What is a notochord ? A long, flexible rod located between the digestive tube and the nerve cord. 5. For us, as vertebrates, what remains of the notochord ? The gelatinous material between the disks of our spine. 6. Chordates are the first group to show a dorsal nerve cord . Which embryonic layer forms the nerve cord? The ectoderm. 7. Pharyngeal gill slits develop into what structures in the fishes? Gills 8. In tetrapods, what do the gill slits become? Auditory organs 9. Vertebrates are not the only chordates. The lancet displays a number of chordate characteristics, and the ancestral chordate may have resembled a lancet. Describe a lancet . A lancet is bladelike; the notochord, dorsal, hollow nerve cord, numerous gill slits, and postanal tail all are in the adult stage; small animals few centimeters long; live on bottom of sea 10. What is the oldest lineage of vertebrates? __Haikouichthys ______ They are jawless parasitic fish with a skeleton made of __bones and cartilage ____. One example of this group is the Lamprey. Lampreys have invaded the Great Lakes and damaged the fishing industry there. 11.
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Chapter 34 - Adeesh Jain Pace Period 1 AP Biology Reading...

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